Managing your company’s risk is one thing. Managing your 3rd party risk is a whole other ball game.

You may have ramped up your resources to invest in a third-party monitoring tool. That’s a great first step!

So now you know what is going on with your third party landscape. But do you have the time and resources to work with each vendor to close those risks? If a problem occurs (and let’s face it, it will), do you have the team to quickly address it?

Things change fast in our world, and we’re ready to be faster.
Now imagine this, you have a team of experts you know are monitoring your vendors on a regular basis.

We’re not a just sending you reports, we are reaching out and managing those risks to mitigate the chance of a problem. And when a problem occurs? You can be confident we have the team to work with you the reduce the impact!

Maybe you’re just looking to kick the tires with us.

We get it, trust is earned and we’re ready to do the work.

remediation report

Just give us a list of your vendors and their website(s) and we can run a detailed report on their cyber posture and give you an action report outlining cyber issues and a remediation plan.  We also have clients that use this service during M&A activities and when they are looking at multiple vendors during the RFP process – we can run these reports to help you make good risk aware decisions before committing to a vendor.

Remediation report with
project management

Want to take a step further? We are happy to use our expert project managers and analysts to put your remediation plan into action. We will work with your vendors in helping them close their cyber issues and report progress back to you and we pride ourselves on our ability to help deepen your relationships with your vendors as we go through this process of reducing your 3rd party cyber risk.

Maybe you’re ready to expand your team – great!

Active monthly monitoring and management

One time efforts to reduce risk are great, but perhaps you are interested in real time monitoring of your 3rd party risk and dealing with issues as they arise. With this service, we run daily reports on all of the vendors you want to keep an eye on and when we detect cyber issues we work directly with your vendor to close these issues all while keeping you in the loop on progress and current on your 3rd party cyber risk landscape. All of this allows you to keep making cyber risk aware decisions around your vendor ecosystem.

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